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About Us

TALARIA POWER TECH (CHONGQING) CO. LTD is a key figure in the motorbike industry and a major advocate for it. Top producer of Talaria sting e bike

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Our primary areas of interest are high-performance, lightweight electric motorcycle design, research, and manufacturing. Modern manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge electric technology are combined by TALARIA to create high-tech performance motorcycles that are quick, nimble, and thrilling to ride. To ensure strength and reduce weight, the aircraft-grade aluminium structure is pressure forged using 6,000 tonnes of force. The special TALARIA electric powertrain, which combines a highly effective permanent magnet synchronous motor and masterfully constructed gearbox for a smooth strong ride, is used to achieve the performance. Buy Talaria sting e bike

The first electric motorcycle from TALARIA has attracted a lot of curiosity since its release. Today, TALARIA is recognised as a leading brand of electric motorcycles globally. We want to provide bikers an incredible, brand-new off-road experience.

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In the world of electric motorcycles, TALARIA earned a reputation for integrity and excellent goods. In order to give our consumers in the United States the greatest experience possible, we are always trying to expand our enormous assortment of items.

Additionally, we are dedicated to offering our customers top-notch support before, during, and after their transaction. Our mission is to consistently offer our amiable clients high-quality products because we care about the people in the neighborhood. Get Talaria Sting R

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