EBMX Removable Aftermarket Lithium Battery Pack 60v 65ah for TL45, Sting


 This part is compatibile with the Talaria Sting Offroad [TL3000] & Sting Onroad [TL45]

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EBMX Removable Aftermarket Lithium Battery

Introducing our powerful 60V battery, which provides a remarkable range boost of almost twice the capacity of the factory battery while exactly occupying the same area. To acquire the extra power you’ve been yearning, you won’t need to swap out your factory controller with this battery.

However, our battery can also provide up to 15kW of power for a powerful monster Talaria if you need even more. No matter how much power you require, this battery has you covered. EBMX Removable Aftermarket Lithium Battery.
Utilise our adaptable and strong 60V battery to upgrade your vehicle right now.

  • Features: Cell Balancing
  • Nominal Voltage: 60 V
  • Reference OE/OEM Number: 115200217
  • Type: Lithium Battery Pack
  • Usage: Yes
  • Battery Capacity: 0 Ah – 100 Ah
  • Connection Type: Plug-In Connector
  • Performance Part: Yes
Manufacturer Model Year
Talaria Sting Offroad [TL3000]
Sting Onroad [TL45]
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